Our Team


Tracy (Trustee/Chairperson) - I've had cats all my life and after no longer wanting to do an office job, I initially joined as a volunteer and soon after became a foster home and trustee, now running the charity with Lynn.  My passion is cats and wanting to help them as much as possible. 14 years later at the charity and after a few changes recently, we are still helping cats and will continue to help cats.  We have a great team and dedicated volunteers, who are pivotal to helping this charity suceed and continue.


Lynn (Trustee/Vice chairperson)

I started with the charity 25 years ago.  I orignally fostered cats before becoming a Trustee.  It has gone through changes recently.  I love cats and any animals. I would like to think we have made a difference to many of hundreds of cats over the years.  We now have a good team, who care not only for cats but for each other too.


Ann (dedicated volunteer)

I have volunteered first as a home visiter for the RSPCA and then I was brought by friends stray cats, often having 4 at a time (back in the 70's). I joined this charity approx 12years ago. With Tracy & Lynn now running it, it has gone from strength to strength. I am proud to be helping this charity and with a great caring team.


Annette (dedicated volunteer)

Cats have always been a part of my life. I've never had a home without a feline friend being one of the family.  My current cat joined us as a rescue aged 3 and is now 17!!  When I moved to the area 5years ago, I came across this charity.  I remember going in to see Tracy and Lynn hand feeding kittens that had been rescued and nurtured to being adopted.  The dedication and support the charity offers is invaluable.  Tracy & Lynn continuously strive to adapt to meet current situations.  It makes me proud to be part of this dedicated team of an independent charity, to continue the support and welfare of our feline friends.


Sylvia (dedicated volunteer)

I have always loved cats, lifelong unconditional love and affection.  Included them in all mine and my childrens lives.  When I retired, I heard about the cat charity shop needing volunteers to keep it going as a non profit organisation.  Tracy and Lynn have been incredible, keeping up with kindness, selfless and tireless work in order to help people with cats welfare.  They value all volunteers and we value them.