Lost Cat Tips            

Found Cat Tips

When your cat goes missing.

Share on social media, this is a great way of reaching lots of cat lovers, so join & post to lost & found sites, where your post will get shared.

You can contact us too, to post on our facebook page as well. We will also share.

Pop on a photo on along with your cat's name, where they went missing from and date, if they are chipped and neutered.


Your furbaby may have lost their scent to get home.

🐾Try putting their litter tray outside along with the contents of your hoover.

🐾Hang or pop their bedding out, also some worn (unwashed) clothes

🐾Call them at dusk and dawn

🐾 Shake biscuits or pop some wet food out.

🐾Notes through doors of neighbours

🐾Knock on doors locally,  ask for them to check their garages & sheds - warmer months these are open more and cats are very nosey.

🐾Check local vets - someone may have handed them in.

🐾Check local rescues - someone may have reported them found.

If you have found a cat or one you believe is stray, please carry out the following few things.

🐾Ask neighbours if they know whose cat it is. Knock on all doors in your street and even streets adjacent and behind yours. What might seem like a long distance to us, is just a climb over a few fences to a cat.

🐾Put up notices/posters in the area, local shops and vets, asking if the cat has an owner. Keep some information about the cat back so you can be sure anyone claiming the cat is the rightful owner.

🐾Take the cat (in a secure cat basket) to a local vet to have it scanned for a microchip. If the cat is chipped the vets or we can call the owner. 

🐾Put details on social media Facebook page or Lost & Found pages online. Please be aware that not eveyone is on social media.  

🐾If possible put a paper collar on the cat with a note asking for the owner to contact you or us. Ideally the collar should be left on for a couple of weeks.

🐾If you've done all the above and still can't find the owner, then please send details of the cat to us so we can pop it on our Facebook page, and check against cats reported missing. Please include the road name and photo (if possible), where the cat was found, date it was frist seen and any other information that may help identify the cats owner.

Submit on our general enquiry form on the contact page or email to info@purrfectpawsfelinewelfare.org 

Please note many older/elderly cats can be thin but are well looked after, so please be careful not to mistake them with being a stray.